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Learning Resources

The following learning resources have been compiled to assist students enrolled in AU German courses or for general reference:

AU Library German Resources

English Grammar for Students of German, 4th edition. Cecile Zorach and Charlotte Melin. Ann Arbor, MI: The Olivia and Hill Press, 2001.

This short book is an excellent resource for students who feel they need to brush up on their English grammar to understand the German concepts they are learning.

German Dictionaries Resources

  • canoonet: Deutsche Wörterbücher und Grammatik.
  • Duden: A German to German dictionary.
  • LEO: Deutsch-Englishes Wörterbuch.

German Grammar & Language Resources

Online Newspapers Resources

Radio and TV Resources

German Culture Resources

  • The Goethe-Institut is the largest organization for the promotion of the German language and culture. Their site is helpful for learners of German and Germanophiles. It contains many links to art, social issues, the media, education, science, and material for learning German. Available in German and English.
  • Kaleidoskop, a prize-winning project of the Goethe-Institut showing aspects of daily life in Germany.
  • News from Germany brought to you by the German Embassy in Washington D.C. Available in German or English.
  • LeMO: Lebendiges virtuelles Museum Online: A cultural and political history of Germany from the 19th century through the twentieth century up to today.

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