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Why Study German?

German is an official language in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg, is one of the world's major languages, and the most commonly spoken language in the European Union. Worldwide, almost 80 million students have studied German, and at least 150 million people are native speakers.

More Reasons to Study German

  • With the largest economy in the EU, Germany is an economic and political leader in Europe and the world's largest exporter.
  • Many international corporations are German-owned with headquarters in Germany.
  • German is a leading language of science, literature, philosophy, theology, history, music, film, and art.
  • Speaking and understanding German will give you a chance to get to know Germans, their culture, and history, whether you travel to Germany for work, study, or pleasure.

For more information, visit Goethe-Institut.

Updated September 16 2014 by Student & Academic Services

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